Casey Cares


A heart touching experience to be around the lovely little angels. Thank you Casey Cares for making us a part of your mission.

Golden Globe in Russia




Snowdrop Photography in collaboration with Support the Child ( Non profit dedicated to children's education) has organized the Golden Globe Project at Vladivostok, Russia.



A little more about this event.......



These kids were forced to celebrate Christmas without their families at the rehabilitation center. The only wish they have is that their mom or dad will pick them up and take them back home soon. But, this may not happen.


This year, in our own little way, we wanted to see the light of happiness in the eyes of this children giving them an opportunity to dream. These children have not seen the world and they do not know that there is a world that exists beyond their suffering. Golden Globe project is designed to help educate children about other countries and cultures beyond where they are currently living.


  This was our effort to plant the seed of a dream in the the year to come.